• Environmental protection
    In order to protect the environment, we apply innovative technical solutions.

    Since 2009 we have had a technological line which allows the processing of unproductive eggshell waste into a soil improver. It is a natural product made of ground eggshells dried in appropriate conditions. Such a solution has significantly reduced the quantity of waste generated.

    We have also stopped using plastic egg packaging.

    We cooperate with a company dealing with selective packaging waste collection, recovery and recycling.

    On Ferma Kur Niosek (our farm of laying hens) we regularly carry out measurements of noise and pollution emissions.

    In order to gain full control over environmental protection tasks in our company, we periodically perform environmental audits.

    Our company is regularly supervised in that it remains in compliance with the provisions of law concerning environmental protection and waste management. These are advocated by the Provincial Environmental Protection Inspectorate and local Environmental Protection Department.

    We make sure to timely fulfil all reporting requirements. We submit regular reports to the National Centre for Emissions Management (KOBiZE), the Pollutant Release and Transfer Register, the Pomeranian Province Marshal’s Office and the Statistical Office. Additionally, we also submit information and data concerning our use of the environment to the Marshal’s Office, as well as regularly paying the related environmental fees.

    Innovative solutions in the production process

    Our production is performed on the basis of state-of-the-art technological solutions applied in Europe. Participating in trade fairs, we track the best systems and solutions emerging on the food market and then successively expand and modernise our technological lines.

    Production based on our own ingredients

    We obtain an excellent quality of products due to the creation of the production cycle based mainly on our own semi-processed products. We produce the egg mass and sponge biscuits from fresh eggs laid by the hens on our farms, thereby ensuring effective control over their quality.

  • Audits

    OVAL regularly undergoes audits by the Provincial Inspectorate of Environmental Protection in Gdańsk, external auditing companies and audits conducted by the retailers with which our company works.

  • Veterinary care

    The company is under the constant supervision of the District Veterinary Officer and the Provincial Health Inspectorate. Due to the nature of the production process, the farm is under constant veterinary care to ensure safety, a service provided by an external company. We hold all the required permits and veterinary approvals for each stage of production.
    Veterinary approvals:
    Poultry Brooding Plant 22096501
    Laying Hen Farm 3 PL 22091301
    Processing Plant Cat. III 22097601
    Liquid Egg Production 22091501
    Packaging-sorting Plant 22095901