The farm consists of two production buildings, each with a total capacity of 66,840 hens. Our flocks come from our own brooder, so that we can ensure their good health.
Our production facilities are equipped with TECNO cages, which meet the latest EU requirements, as well as technological systems to ensure the highest effectiveness of the flock.
The production process involves automatic feed dispensing and egg collection, the latter then being transported to the sorting plant via the central conveyor line. We have a qualified team to sustain the safety of the flock, the reliability of our production processes, as well as the maintenance of proper hygiene. Our hens are under constant veterinary supervision, and our high-quality feed ensures an optimised diet.

Our egg sorting plant is fully automated. The eggs move from the coops to the sorting plant with the aid of an ANACONDA-type central conveyor belt.

The sorting plant is equipped with a MOBA technological line, which allows eggs to be marked, division into weight classes and their automatic packaging into unit or collective packaging.

To ensure the full potential of our flock, we have our own laying hen brooder. The facility has a capacity of 70,000, with cutting-edge systems to monitor constantly the feed and water distribution. The microclimate control system ensures appropriate air conditions. We want to ensure the best possible health and conditions for our hens, which means that the experience and skill of our team, as well as the professional veterinary and zootechnical care and supervision, are of utmost importance to us.



Our eggs are available in all weight classes (S, M, L and XL), for both consumption and further processing.


Our eggs are sold in retail and bulk packaging, such as:

  • papier-mâché retail packaging, for 6 or 10 eggs
  • papier-mâché egg transport boxes, for 30 eggs
  • cartons
  • Euro-pallets
  • other choices on request.
  • With the aim of protecting the environment, we have stopped using plastic egg packaging.


You can take advantage of our professional transport service, collect the products yourself or organise other transport.

In our vehicle park, we have trucks with a loading capacity of between 8 and 16 pallet places.

All our vehicles are isothermal designs, where in accordance with the principles of HACCP they are equipped with cooling units able to record the temperatures
of the products during transport (in graphical and digital form). It guarantees optimum conditions for the transportation of products, irrespective of distance and weather conditions.

In addition, for special circumstances, we utilise the services of trusted companies.