Making the batter is a key part of the process, so we pay special attention to it. While producing our biscuits, we pay special attention to the technological process of making dough. Sponge biscuits use the egg masses from our own hen egg production on our farms. The high and constant quality of sponge biscuits results from the suitable aeration of dough, appropriate intensity of kneading and proper baking temperature. The qualified staff supervise and monitor the entire production process.


We pack our biscuits on an automatic line for OPP bags, the packages weighing:

120 g
150 g
250 g
500 g


We also produce sponge biscuits under the customers’ own labels. These may either be packaged using a graphic design provided by the customer or created by us for the customer, subject to their approval.

They may be packed in bags carrying a graphic design delivered by the ordering party, or with a design ordered by OVAL at the request and approval of the customer.